Releases / December 2016

Release notes for December



  • The landing pages and the blog got integrated with the dashboard. This greatly improves user flows and allows for easier exploring of showcases and example models.
  • The dashboard has been redesigned to put more focus on the 3D content and simplify the model handling.
  • The 3D models have a new standard background.


  • Saving a model could lead to an empty model being saved under certain, rare conditions. This has been resolved now.
  • When uploading a custom organisation logo without having a Plus or Professional license a message was displayed that incorrectly stated that a Professional license was needed.


  • Improvements to our furniture library for upcoming new functionality.
  • Doors are now on a default angle of 92° for a nicer look.
  • Minor stability improvements.



  • The 3D editor now also allows to import images with the extension .jpeg in addition to the already supported extensions.
  • The DXF export was previously producing invalid files under certain circumstances. The issue is now resolved.
  • Orders are now limited to accepting five models in one batch to avoid browsers from breaking the uploads.
  • Multiple photos can now be added via drag and drop when ordering a model.
  • We improved the error reporting when a credit card is declined while upgrading a subscription.
  • General improvement of the error messages in the application.