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Order an Archilogic 3d model

How it works in short

The way to your own 3d model is really easy. All you need is a 2d floor plan of the apartment or office you want to have a 3d model of. You upload your floor plan and we use it to create a fully modelled, rendered and furnished 3d model within 24 hours.

Order Form

The first and most important thing you have to do is to upload a floor plan. You can either drag and drop the image file or pdf of the floor plan onto the box or simply click into the box to open a context menu to select the image or pdf file manually.

Add Floor Plan

Logged out users must then create an Archilogic account so that we can notify them once the model is ready.

Add Floor Plan

In the last step you can provide your floor plan’s address to let us create a realistic light setup. Confirm to send us your data and we will come back to you as soon as the 3D model is ready.

Add Floor Plan