Platform / Overview


The intention of this introduction is to give a quick overview over all the features of the Archilogic platform and where to find them.

What is the Archilogic platform?

The Archilogic platform is a primarily a management tool which helps you manage, find, sort und edit all your 3d models stored within the Archilogic cloud. It allows you to create folders, add coworkers to your organization see at first glance where your 3d models are located at in the real world. The Archilogic platform can be accessed from everywhere by computer or your mobile phone provided you have an internet connection.


Archilogic Platform Overview

  1. Clicking on the Archilogic logo leads you back to the Archilogic Website.

  2. By clicking on the folder icon you can add a new folder or switch to an already existing one.
    This feature is available with an Archilogic Plus or Professional subscription.

  3. Click here to buy a new Archilogic model or to create a new one on your own.

  4. Change your organization details or your subscription by clicking on the profile profile settings.

  5. With the search function you can search for a specific 3d model in your dashboard.

  6. Here you can filter between different display modes for the dashboard.

  7. Clicking one of the model thumbnails opens the Archilogic 3d editor.

  8. Clicking on the hamburger menu icon opens up the model specific menu which lets you change the name, the address and the privacy settings of this particular model.