Platform / Folders


It is now possible to create subfolders in Archilogic. You can distinguish regular folders from folders with subfolders by taking a look at the folder list. If there is a [+] in front of the folder name it means that there is at least one subfolder nested within this folder. By clicking on the folder name with the [+] in front of the name you can expand it and see all the folder nested within.


How to create a subfolder:

  • Click on add new Folder

  • Type in Mainfoldername/Subfoldername

The Text before the / will act as main folder, while the text behind the / will act as the name of the subfolder. You can add several subfolders to one main folder. However, at the moment the main folder can either contain 3d models or subfolders but not both. Currently it is only possible to create 1 nested level.