Platform / Folders


The more stuff you have on your desk the less likely it becomes to actualy find what you’re looking for. The same goes for your Archilogic 3d models. Thankfully there is a way clean up that mess. Archilogic allows you to create your own folders and store your models in them.

Folder Icon

By clicking on the folder icon you open the folder list.

Folder List

In the folder list you can see every folder that you’ve created. You can either click on one of them to open them and see its content or click on + add new to add a new empty folder to the list.

To get back from one folder to the model overview just click on the folder icon again and then click on all models.

Add 3d model to folder

If you want to put the 3d model into a folder you have to first click on the edit button and then on the Add folder link and select from an already existing folder or create a new one.Change The Model Folder