Platform / Dashboard

Edit Model Information

To edit the information of a 3d model in the Archilogic platform you can either open it in the 3d editor or you can click on the little button in the top right corner of the model thumbnail. 3d Model Thumbnail

Once you clicked on the edit button you can change the title, the address, the sharing mode and also the folder it is associated to. Edit 3d Model Information

  • Click on the map icon to open up a little map within the thumbnail.

  • Click on the share link icon to get a link to the model that you can share with your friends or coworkers.

  • Click on the Iframe code icon to get an HTML code that you can embed into a website to showcase the model online. If you click the Iframe icon a pop up opens that allows you to customize the iframe before you copy paste the code into a website. The options let you change the height and the width of the iframe, but also allow you to choose whether the model should load automatically or if a viewer first has to press a button to start the interactive camera animation. Furthermore you can also determine whether the iframe should use https or not and whether a viewer should be able to edit the model or not. Edit 3d Iframe options

  • Click on the trash bin icon to delete the 3d model. Please keep in mind that deleting your 3d model is permanently

  • If you want to exit the edit mode click on the X icon in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

  • If you want to put the 3d model into a folder you can click on the Add folder link and select from an already existing folder or create a new one.Change The Model Folder

  • Finally you can change the sharing mode by clicking on the Public icon. You can choose between public, hidden and private. If you choose public you allow Archilogic to use your model in a community gallery. If you choose hidden the 3d model will not be publically shared with other Archilogic users. But you still can share it with your friends or coworkers by sending them the link to the model. Finally the private option prevents other users from seeing your 3d model. Only people that are in your organization can open your 3d model.