Platform / Dashboard

Display Options

The Archilogic Model Dashboard gives you a number of different display modes for your 3d models. The standard display mode is the thumbnail view, but you can also use the list or map view. Furthermore you have the possibility to only display public, hidden or private models.


By clicking on sharing you can decide which whether you want to only display 3d models with the Public, Hidden or Private attribute. If you want to display all 3d models simply click on All. Filtering By Sharing Attributes


The standard display mode shows all your 3d models als thumbnails next to each other. Click on the button with the 9 little circles to use the thumbnail display mode. You can open the 3d model by simply clicking on the respective thumbnail. This display mode allows you to edit the model information by clicking on the little button with the three strokes in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

Thumbnail Display Mode


The list mode works basically the same as the thumnail mode with the exception of showing your models in form of a list. Click on the button with the 3 strokes to use the list display mode.

List Display Mode


The map display mode shows you a Google map with pointers to all your 3d models that have an address. Click on one of the pointers to open up a small box with additional information. If you click on the box you’ll open the 3d editor with the respective 3d model. Click on the button with the map to use the map display mode. Map Display Mode