API / Introduction


This API is available to existing users with existing API keys. New APIs will be announced and documented on the 3d.io page: https://3d.io/docs/api/


This overview should give you all the necessary information to use our API


  • requestedModel

  • echo

General Principles


  • Classic remote call semantics with request & response

  • Transport protocol is HTTPS

  • Request and response message format is JSON (Content-Type: application/json)

  • Remote call protocol is JSON–RPC 2.0 (https://www.jsonrpc.org/specification)

  • Each message property has a data type specified in square brackets after property name (e.g. +[String]+)

  • Message properties are mandatory by default unless marked as optional (mandatory arrays must not be empty)


  • URL is https://api.archilogic.com/v1

  • HTTP method is POST

  • Character encoding is UTF-8

  • jsonrpc property is set to 2.0 (mandatory)

  • method property specifies called method name (mandatory)

  • params property is an object containing method parameters as key/value pairs (mandatory)

  • id property uniquely identifies given request and is generated by the caller (mandatory)

Request Header Example

POST https://api.archilogic.com/v1 HTTP/1.1

Host: api.archilogic.com

Content-Type: application/json


  • id property is the same as supplied in the corresponding request (may be null for malformed requests)

  • result property contains the method result (only present on success)

  • error property contains the error information (only present on failure)

  • Error state is also indicated via standard HTTP status code