3D Editor / Materials


Next to lighting the materials probably play the second most important role when it comes to graphical quality. Materials are what makes a plain 3d objects comprehensible. They also give them a sense of scale while at the same time making them look a lot more interesting. Furthermore materials can give an object more small details without the need to create sophisticated 3d models that have a lot of polygons.

Different Materials

With the Archilogic 3D Editor you’re able to change or customize the materials applied to the architectural structure of your Archilogic 3d model. In order to change a material of for example a wall, you first have to select that wall. If realistic lighting is switched on, you have to switch it off before you’re able to select a wall. Once the wall is selected you can see the materials that are applied to it in the context menu.

Material Menu

In this example you can see that a wall object has 3 materials. One for the front side, one for the backside and one for the baseboard. You can edit each of them separately to create new and exciting looks for your 3d model.

If you click on one of the materials the Archilogic material library opens. The library gives you access to a number of preconfigured materials within the Archilogic engine. Click on one of the material icons of the library to replace the current material of the wall with the one you clicked on.

Archilogic Material Library