3D Editor / Overview


The intention of this introduction is to give a quick overview over all the features of Archilogic and where to find them.

What is Archilogic?

Archilogic is an interactive and web based 3d platform with a heavy focus on Architecture. Archilogics primary goal is to simplify the communication between architects, brokers, tenants and buyers. It translates complicated floor plans into 3d models that can be easily understood by everyone. The entire content is web hosted and can be accessed from everywhere, either through a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Archilogic Window

Archilogic Window

The Archilogic window is split into three parts.

A - The Viewport
This is where all the 3d magic happens. You can look at your model from different perspectives and move around furniture pieces.

B - The Context Menu
The context menu changes depending on which menu button is active and disappears entirely if it’s closed

C - The Main Menu
The main menu gives you access to your personal menu, to our furniture library, lets you save your 3d model and much more.



1 - Camera Bookmarks

2 - Floor Plan View

3 - Bird Eye Perspective

4 - First Person Perspective

5 - My Profile

6 - Archilogic Dashboard

7 - Interior

8 - Map

9 - Save Scene

10 - Share Model

11 - Archilogic Public Documentation

12 - Full Screen Mode