3D Editor / Export

Custom 3d data

Exporting 3d content is available with an Archilogic Plus or Professional subscription.

This category describes how to export 3d content from Archilogic and what you have to keep in mind while doing it.

How to export 3d content

In order to export 3d content from Archilogic your Account needs to have a Plus or Professional subscription. With a Plus or Professional subscription a new button appears in the saving menu. Click on the Export Model button to open the Export pop up menu.

Lighting Menu Button

Once the Export menu is open you have the choice to either select a software you want to export to or a file format. If you select a software the exporter automatically selects the best possible export options from a set of available options for this software.

Lighting Menu Button

The drop down menu above the download button gives you the choice whether you want to download the entire mode, the active level or only the selected object. Please keep in mind that the export functionality only allows you to download the Architectural object and not the furniture pieces. Click on the download button to download the 3d model in a .zip archive.

Supported 3d export file formats

  • .obj

  • .fbx

  • .blend

  • .3ds

  • .dxf

Supported 2d export file formats

  • .dxf