3D Editor / Basic Editing

Save Scene

To save a scene click on the save button.
Save Archilogic Scene


The name of the scene can be customized in here.
If you ordered a 3d model through Archilogic then it is possible that the name of the scene is an internal issue number.
The name can be edited freely without any consequences.


The address is necessary for the map. If the address field is empty, the map menu disappears.
The correct syntax for the address is: Street Streetnumber, Postcode City, Country


If a valid address is provided a click on the little map icon opens the map in the context menu.


The drop down menu lets you choose a folder to save the model into.


There are three different sharing modes: Public, Hidden and Private.
The only person that can edit the scene is the owner of the scene, regardless of the selected sharing mode.
If the sharing mode is “Public” or “Hidden”, however, other Archilogic users may open and save a personal copy of said scene and will be able to customize it.

  • Public - The scene can show up in the community gallery and can be opened by everyone.

  • Hidden - The scene does not show up in the community gallery but can be opened by everyone who has the correct link to it.

  • Private - The scene can only be opened if the person that wants to look at it is logged in with the same account that was used to save the scene.

Floor Area (m²)

The floor area shows how big the apartment is in square meters.
If the 3d model was ordered through Archilogic, then this number is calculated automatically by adding the areas of all the floors together.