3D Editor / Basic Editing



At the moment we have 12 different interior furniture categories.

Chairs Icon Chairs
Including chairs, stools, bar stools and office chairs.

Couches Icon Sofas and Lounges

Lighting Icon Lighting
All kind of lamps, whether hanging from the ceiling or standing on a desk.

Tables Icon Tables and Desks

Storage Icon Storage
Including sideboards, cupboard and bookcases.

Bedroom Icon Bedroom

Decoration Icon Decoration
Contains posters, mirrors, carpets and other decoration items.

Office Icon Office

Bathroom Icon Bathroom

Garden and Terrace Icon Garden and Terrace

Children Icon Children

Accessories Icon Accessories



Interior Context Menu Adding a piece of furniture to a scene is easy. Simply drag and drop the furniture piece of choice from the library on the right in to the 3d model on the left. You can decide yourself where to drop the furniture piece. If you drop it on top of another one you’ll be able to move the lower one while the one on top of it will move along.

Interior Handling Select a furniture piece by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
Once selected, two handles show up.
Click and drag the handle with the 4 arrows to move the furniture object.
Click and drag the handle with the two curved arrows to rotate the object.

Interior Item Buttons If a furniture piece is selected it shows additional information on the right side.
This information contains the name, picture and a short description of the piece. Besides that there are also three additional buttons.
The info button links to the website of the manufacturer of the furniture piece.
Clicking on the button with the two rectangles duplicates the furniture object.
Clicking on the trash bin deletes the furniture piece from the scene.


Furniture pieces can be grouped together by selecting one single furniture piece first, press and hold the Shift key and then selecting another furniture piece.
This can be repeated for an arbitrary number of times. Once the furniture pieces are grouped together they can be moved and rotated together.

Interior Group Selecting a group opens the group menu on the right.
The group menu shows which items furniture pieces currently are a member of the group.
Clicking on the ungroup button dissolves the group without deleting the members of the same group.
Clicking on the button with the two rectangles duplicates the group.
Clicking on the trash bin deletes the group from the scene along with all its members.

By moving the mouse cursor over an item of the group results in the associated furniture piece to be highlighted.
A member of a group can be adjusted separately by clicking on the associated item in the group menu.