3D Editor / Architecture


The topics in the architecture category cover the different architecture features.

In general the architecture building blocks handle very similar to our furniture pieces with the exception, that they usually have a lot more options to play with. The architecture menu does not only let you place walls, windows and doors, but also allows you to customize the materialization of all architecture objects or use tags to give the viewer additional information about a space.

Important: Existing architecture objects are only selectable if realistic lighting is switched off

Architecture Objects

Every object within the Archilogic architecture menu is parametric and therefore fully customizable. This is a list of every architecture object.

Walls Wall Icon

Door (The door object only works together with a wall object) Door Icon

Window (The window object only works together with a wall object) Window Icon

Floor Floor Icon

Polyfloor Polyfloor Icon

Box Box Icon

Polybox Polybox Icon

Stairs Stairs Icon

Kitchen Kitchen Icon

Closet Closet Icon

Curtain Curtain Icon

Railing Railing Icon

Tag Tag Icon